11 x 17 Color Laser for 80 Pound Glossy Cover

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    Dec 2017
    I hope the pros here don't mind an amateur question and thank you very much in advance for any assistance. I'd like to have the ability to print duplex 11 x 17 tabloid prints on 11 x 17 Futura Gloss 80 pound cover stock. I'm finding it very hard to determine which color laser printers are compatible. F0r instance, HP Color LaserJet Professional CP5225dn has specs which (see link and quoted text below) to my untrained eye are confusing:
    1. For tray 1 converting 58 lb bond to cover that means it handles 80; lb cover, which means it will do what I need.
    2. Why is there no rating for paper tray 2, does that means it's safe to assume it's the same as tray 1?
    2. For tray 3 "up to 160 gsm coated papers"? But does that mean I should be safe as long as I use coated paper in tray 1?
    And then the Xerox Versalink C7000 gives this (see below). It appears to support 80 lb cover stock but then they have a little icon showing duplex that suddenly says up to 63 pound cover - IF I am reading that right? So that means it can't do 80 pound if doing duplex printing?? And does that mean it should do 80 pound as long as i feed the other side manually??


    And if these printers won't do it, are there any without spending 10K that will?
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