Xerox Docucolour 250 - fault code 093-315

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  1. haylepalmer28

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    Jun 2010
    We have the above error come up on our machine.

    The manuals have been lost so would really appreciate some help in resolving this.

    Thank you
  2. Xerographic_International

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    Jan 2010
    093-315 RAP
    BSD-ON:9.15 Toner Dispense Control (1 Of 3) BSD, CH9.16
    Magenta Dispense failure.
    Enter the Diagnostics. Enter DC330 [093-007] (Magenta Dispense Motor). Select Start. Dispense
    Motor is heard rotating. (ON duration is 2 sec.)
    Y N
    Open the PWB Chassis. (REP2.1.1) +24VDC is measured between P/J430-8 (+) on
    the IOT PWB and GND (-).
    Y N
    Refer to BSD CH2.2, check the +24VDC circuit to P/J430-6 on the IOT PWB.
    Turn off the power. Disconnect Connectors P/J201M on the Dispense Motor. Measure
    the wire-wound resistance of the Dispense Motor. The resistance between P/J201M-1
    and -2 pins is between 22.0 and 27.0 ohms.
    Y N
    Replace the Magenta Dispense Motor (PL6.4).
    Check the following for continuity:
    • IOT PWB P/J436-A12 to Dispense Motor P/J201M-1
    • IOT PWB P/J436-A11 to Dispense Motor P/J201M-2
    Every resistance is 1 ohm or less.
    Y N
    Check any wire with more than 1 ohm for an open wire or poor contact.
    Perform the following:
    • Disconnect and reconnect the cable between P/J432 on the IOT PWB and P/J402
    on the MCU PWB.
    • Remove the Magenta Toner Dispenser. (REPX.X) Check that there is no such load
    as poor Auger rotation, toner blocking and Drive gears binding.
    If no problem is found, replace the Flexible Print Cable (PL 11.1), IOT PWB (PL 11.1) and
    MCU PWB (PL 11.1) in that order.
    +5VDC is measured between Connectors P/J653A-1 (+) and -2 (-) on the Low Toner
    Sensor PWB.
    Y N
    +5VDC is measured between P/J414-B4 (+) and -B5 (-) on the MCU PWB.
    Y N
    +5VDC is measured between P/J400-2 (+) on the MCU PWB and GND (-).
    Y N
    Refer to BSD CH2.2, check the +5VDC circuit to J400-2 on the MCU PWB.
    Replace the MCU PWB (PL 11.1).
    Check the wires between P/J414-B4 on the MCU PWB and Connector P/J653A-2, and
    between P/J414-B5 on the MCU PWB and Connector J653A-1 for an open wire or poor
    Remove the Low Toner Sensor M. There is any toner on the detection area of the Low
    Toner Sensor.
    Y N
    Check for toner blocking, poor Auger rotation, gears binding, etc. Replace defective parts,
    if any (PL 6.4).
    Replace the Low Toner Sensor M (PL 6.4).
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    Press and hold the 0 key for 5 seconds, then while still holding down the 0 key, press the Start button. then you enter 6789 , then The topmost area of the UI display will change to a white banner with black lettering to let the you know that the mode has changed to the diagnostic mode. so you select NVM Read/Write so Check NVM location 762-313. If it is at 3, you must reset it to 0 if it is at 0 you have to try the procedure Xerographic_International's