Xerox DocuColor 252 + Creo Spire. Auto paper switching problem. help me please.

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    Jan 2013
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    Hello. I have Xerox DocuColor 252 with Creo Spire CX260. The creo spire controller with installed Auto Tray Switching (ATS) Patch for Creo Color Server v2.0 SP1and DocuColor 242/252/260, Creo Color Server 2.0 Service Pack 2 Update Patch for DC 242/252/260 Printer-Copier, Out of Place Patch for Creo Color Server 2.0 for DocuColor 242/252/260.
    but despite the presence of the Auto Tray Switching patch, printer doesn't want to make auto tray switching between different sizes of paper. in printing properties item paper of different sizes is true. but printer can print only A3 or only A4. if a document contains multiple formats A3 and A4 in one pdf file or doc file, it can print only on one of them. i tried 3 ways of printing. first way AdobePS_260_V2 driver, second way PPD version of driver Creo AdobePS_260 driver, third way usb connecting. he does't want connect via usb, drivers not installing and device every time has status is uknown. the first two methods is printed only one of the formats. in controller settings everything is good. please help me to solve this problem.

    i think i need to edit ppd driver file in postscript language. anybody help me please.