Xerox Colour C60: White spot at trailing edge on 300 grams glossy stock

Discussion in 'Xerox Digital Presses' started by Jeroen van der Steen, Jul 4, 2024.

  1. Jeroen van der Steen

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    May 2019
    I have a white spot at the trailing edge on 300 grams glossy Sulfaatkarton when using the Xerox Colour C60. This issue persists with both normal and heavy fuser part, and I am using the correct setting for Coated 3. I have tried two different paper stocks, Invercote G and MultiCard, but both exhibit the same problem. Additionally, I attempted lowering the toner coverage to 260%, but the issue remains unchanged.

    I don't encounter this issue on normal paper, such as 90 grams Navigator uncoated or 300 grams DCP uncoated paper.

    When I perform an Image Transfer (SIQA) test, the toner doesn't adhere properly to the paper (the black may be too intense).

    Is the white spot on the trailing edge fixable, and what is the best approach to resolve it?