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Xeikon 5000

Discussion in 'Offset & Digital Presses for sale' started by Drilling Tech, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. Drilling Tech

    Drilling Tech New Member

    Jan 2020
    XEIKON 5000Digital Press

    The Xeikon 5000 is a roll fed press that can print 5colors on both side of the paper at the same time. This is called "singlepass duplex". This is a production machine and was originally intended forshort run printing - everything from brochures to pocket folders to posters. Also includes a sheeter and a shinglingconveyor which allows Roll to Roll and Roll to Sheet.

    The Xeikon 5000 prints with LED array-based dry tonerelectrophotography at 600 DPI with variable dot density (4 bit). It can printon a wide range of substrates from 24# text weight to thick 122# cover weightpaper or board. It can also print on synthetic substrates such as clear acetateand polyester sheet.

    Consumable Items:

    · 21224 Supplies Drum 50MM NF qty 28

    · 5163 Supplies Screen 500MM (10PC) qty 7

    · 5164 Supplies Wire 500MM (10PC) qty 6

    · 63729 Box Toner Cyan 6 * 800G Xeikon FA qty2.167

    · 63730 Box Toner Magenta 6 * 800G Xeikon FA qty 3

    · 63731 Box Toner Yellow 6 * 800G Xeikon FA qty1.833

    · 63732 Box toner Black 6 * 800G Xeikon FA qty2.667

    · 63733 Box Toner White 6 * 1000G Xeikon FA qty2.333

    · 63734 Box Toner Clear 6* 800G Xeikon FA qty 1

    · 63735 Box Toner Orange 6* 800G Xeikon FA qty0.667

    · 63736 Box Developer Cyan 6 * 900G Xeikon FA qty0.5

    · 63737 Box Developer Magenta 6 * 900G Xeikon FAqty 0.5

    · 63738 Box Developer Yellow 6 * 900G Xeikon FAqty 0.5

    Non ConsumableItems:

    · Developer Unit (spare) qty 2

    · Developer Change Unit and Hoses qty 1

    · Scorotron (spare) qty 20

    · TED Unit (spare) qty 10

    · Toner Hopper (spare) qty 2

    · Xeikon Work Station/Light Table qty 1

    · HP Workstation xw 8200 computer tower qty 1

    · Monitor qty 2

    · Kern Winder (DR-5-S-150-K9) qty 1

    · Kern Winder (K-106-X-K2)


    Please feel free to message me for a quote.
  2. Andrew L

    Andrew L New Member

    Apr 2012