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    Hello everyone!

    We have a Xante Impressia which we print primarily envelopes on, and have noticed lines appearing on everything from our normal number 10 envelopes to copy paper. I checked and cleaned the transfer belt, fuser, and fuser roller. The belt is probably close to 3 years old, and we never have had to replace the color drums yet. So my gut is telling me it's probably time change those, but I wanted to reach out ask people who have more experience with the machine first before spending $800 replacing everything. I have a couple of pictures listed below for you guys to check out. Just let me know what your thoughts are.

    IMG_9271.jpg IMG_9272.jpg
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    I would think this is the cleaning unit on the transfer belt. They over time lose their ability to get all of the toner collected back off the belt. You can usually see these color lines the heaviest when running monochrome right after the machine does a color adjustment. You can also try cleaning the laser windows with the blue wand that is clipped in the front door, but I really think this is the cleaner on the belt. Could possibly be the drums, but unlikely that multiple colors would show up at the same time. Lastly, pull the drums and vaccum out the machine. Also, make sure the waste bottle is not mostly full and backing up toner into the cleaner.

    These Xante Impressias are rebranded ricoh SP C820dn machines. The transfer belt/cleaner is compatible and less if you buy the ricoh version rather than the xante branded version.
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    Yeah, I'd look at Transfer Belt Cleaning section first, Fuser Second