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Discussion in 'Xerox Digital Presses' started by Print Badger, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Print Badger

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    Oct 2019
    Isle of Wight
    Since moving premises in March our sales have gone up. We are now looking for a reliable Wokflow / MIS system to help us track orders from start to finish. Including Sales orders, job sheets, proofing, invoicing that links to Sage accounting system. There are loads on the market, but we have to start small and then build the system as we grow.

    Our current system is fairly Belt and Braces using a web based stand alone work flow system called Kanbanflow. It's great for tracking orders, but doesn't have the functionality required by a printer. Any help, tips, advise or recommendation's would be useful.
  2. Amy Patterson

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    Oct 2018
    Hi there! Did you ever try this out? I'm hoping to find something new soon- we're flowing from email to to Franklin, but need to have excel exporting of monthly reports and would love to go to emailing pdf invoices if you have any insight!