Wohlenberg 92 MCS-2TV - Interruption of Cut Cycle-

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  1. grafische

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    Mar 2015
    I have following issue on this Wohlenberg cutter:
    When I operate the two push buttons to intialise the cut cycle
    - The hydraulic clamp goes down as it should.
    - The safety bolt solenoid for the knife bar will be released.
    - The electromagnetic clutch which gears the knife bar will be activated.
    Then the knife bar will move just a few cm (approx. 5-10cm not always the same position).

    The knife bar stops and the cut cycle is interrupted. No error message on the screen.
    The pressure from the hydraulic clamp is still activated.
    I have to switch Off- switch On the machine. Activate the clutch via the knife change mode to turn the knife bar manually with the handwheel in the top dead center.

    What i have checked.
    The light barriers.
    The function of the 4 Position switches which are activated on the cam through the cut cycle.
    Activation of contactors K50+K51. They drop down when the knife stops and the Clutch is disengaged. There should be activated through the whole cut cycle.

    Mybe there is somebody who can help me with that issue. Thanks.
  2. CHOCK

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    Dec 2016
    1) If your paper cutter the clutch is hydraulic and clamp you must test the Oil level, and refill and bleeding the system
    2) If you machine is NOT totally hydraulic like clutch: please Time adjust from Cams, there difficult matter, is a skill time
    from:"Error and Proof"there are a NOT another condition.
    However you must carefully with Safety Bolt, take out, while you are doing the Lever Cams.