What printer to buy? Efi Vutek, Canon, Oki,...or something else?

Discussion in 'Large Format Inkjet Printers' started by Bart007, May 23, 2019.

  1. Bart007

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    May 2019
    Vienna, Austria
    Hi folks!

    I'm new in the group and this is my first post. I'm at a crossroad to decide which large format printer to buy, and I hope it's the right place to ask. To be honest: I do not know what kind of printers exist, I have no experience with them.

    My expectations for the printer are:
    • Ability to print on at least 1 meter wide media (mostly transparent foils)
    • The length of the printable medium that the printer can handle should be at least 10 meters (even more is very welcome).
    • Can also print with white ink
    • Price under $ 15,000
    • Ink refill and support should be in an acceptable price range.
    The printing speed does not matter, only the quality.
    Is there a recommendation for a good, reliable printer? A pro/contra arguments are highly appreciated.
    Thanks for the answers in advance!
  2. I.T. Supplies

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    Mar 2019
    Rolling Meadows

    I checked with our commercial department and they suggested the Epson S80 (uses white ink), but this wouldn't meed your price unfortunately. Since we're located in the US, we wouldn't be able to sell you anything (from Epson, Canon or HP); but we can provide suggestions that may be available for you to get in Austria.

    Canon doesn't have any model that prints with white ink since they are either technical versions or photo/fine art versions with normal colors.
  3. Biggs

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    Mar 2017
    Edison, NJ
    I would be quick to recommend Canon wide format, but with substrate like that you'll have to look into latex (HP or Ricoh) or a machine with an opaque white (perhaps both to be honest). But nothing aqueous or aqueous hybrid.

    Ugh, I'm keeping what I wrote, but my apologies for not reading the post thoroughly. You specifically requested white.
    It may be a tough sell at your price point however. EFI an Ricoh (New line) are on the higher end of things, and are quite costly.
    I would check in with HP and see what they have to offer, they have a wide range of equipment, many of which are pretty affordable. Their latex models fall roughly in the 15K (little more or little less) and if the ink is opaque enough, you may be able to forgo the white.