What is the main chemical components of ordinary paper?

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    The main raw material is recycled paper fiber plant, in addition to raw materials containing cellulose,

    hemicellulose and lignin three major components, there are other less in the components, such as resin,

    ash, and so on. There is also the sodium, and other supporting elements.

    Apart from the plant fiber in the paper, according to different media need to add a different fill.

    For example, copper antimicrobial paper is the copper compound in the PAN (commonly known as: acrylic)

    of the first acrylonitrile monomer, a modified system of acrylic fibers, then added with modified

    acrylic fiber plant, with On the various uses of paper, paper can be obtained antibacterial.

    Now the rising voices of environmental protection, paper mills have introduced a different percentage of

    recycled paper by adding elements of paper, 100 percent recycled paper, has only 50 percent of recycled

    paper by adding elements of the paper, suitable for different customer needs. Recycled paper from waste

    paper, after disinfection, pulper, and other treatment can re-use. Pulper system will be the aim of the

    paper without injury completely broken fibers, not smash the non-paper components