What is the difference of Feboclean and Cleanfix?

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    Sep 2017
    As the title was saying, I would like to know their difference. Does Feboclean has to be used only once a week and Cleanfix should be used once a day? Does Feboclean works the same way as Cleanfix? Which one can be used without using the other?
    Because from what I saw in the file I attached, we have to use Cleanfix during Wash-up and Feboclean in Deep Cleaning. But what if we only have a Feboclean, can we use it during the Wash-up or when moving from a Dark to Light color?

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    As you mentioned, Febo in a tub is more for deep cleaning/conditioning and is designed to be left on the rollers overnight, or over the weekend. Cleanfix from a tube is a similar product but thinner and is designed for a lighter cleaning, as in color changes etc., because it washes out easier. That said, I could be wrong but I think either of them are okay for quick washups, or extended washups (leave in roller train overnight) and I think the main difference between them is the consistency, and how easily they wash up.

    I consider both products to be like modern day Putz Pomades in how they work.