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What is the application of UV printers in the advertising industry?

Discussion in 'Medium and Large Format Printers for sale' started by Connie Chen, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Connie Chen

    Connie Chen Guest

    1. Signs, Logos

    Signs and logos are the most common types of outdoor billboards. Subdivisions can be divided into large billboards, sidewalk billboards, bus station advertisements, signs, road signs, and so on. Most of these materials are made of metal, acrylic, advertising cloth, etc., and a few will have some wood products, PVC materials and so on. These materials are easy to handle for UV printers. Not only can the advertising color and content be richer, but also can adapt to various DIY, and can meet the needs of various customers.

    2. Body Advertising, Banner Ads, Light Box Advertising

    Most of these ads use advertising cloth, and the most common way is to print. However, the inkjet printer does not achieve the effect of being ready to dry, and the UV printer is compatible with soft ink printing, and the effect is very satisfactory, and the printing pattern can be easily set. The printing process can be completed in a few simple steps, which is simpler, more convenient, saves time and labor, and indirectly saves costs.

    3. Menu, Recipes, Advertising Fans, Creative Advertising Gifts

    These products belong to the advertising industry, and the materials used are artificial leather, acrylic, PVC and other materials. The commonality of these products is small quantity and small area, and most customers will require customization. Ordinary silk screen printing and thermal transfer have no advantage for a small number of products, but the UV printer can realize one printing and is more convenient in the printing process.

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  2. brushyourideas

    brushyourideas Member

    Dec 2016
    Advantages of UV flatbed printer in advertising industry:

    1.UV flatbed printer are easy to be operated, saved a lot of manpower. The printed products are eco-friendly and water-proof, strong resistance for UV sunlight.

    2.Personalized image design and customized printing on UV flatbed printer can fully display every unique originality.

    3.Multiple application on most media type such as glass, acrylic, PVC and metal etc. Universal usage with mechanical production elevated the productivity.

    We believe outdoor advertisement will keep stead growth with the future economic development of China. It will keep a positive development in the years ahead.

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