What does it mean by Full color CMYK single Printing

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    I recently visited a website Dow Printing offering online printing services. I was checking the specs they were offering for custom business cards printing. They were offering Full Color CMYK Single Printing.

    Can some here tell me that what does it mean by Full Color CMYK Single Printing. I am not expert in these kind of statements.
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    Jan 2011
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    By Full Color CMYK printing I assume they simply mean normal process color - cyan, magenta, yellow, and black screened to make any color for photos and such. No custom spot colors, so any color that isn't cyan, magenta, yellow, or black will be made with a screen of those colors.

    By "Single Printing" I assume they mean one sided, but why don't you ask them?

    Normally basic printing is specified as 4:4, 4:1, or 4:0, meaning 4 color process both sides, 4 color process front and black back, or 4 color process front and no printing on the back.

    Other important questions to ask: is full bleed included and is the standard 1/8" bleed what is required/requested (some specialty folded/formed items or digitally printed items request 1/4" sometimes.)
    What is the print screen? 175 lpi, or coarser or finer?
    Stock options.
    Color proof - will the print match a color proof, how closely, or will it print gang-run and be "close" but not exact color match?
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    Hi guys, I wanted to throw my 2 cents in but Mr. Xfactor seems covered it all :)