Wet Residual Ink on Epson 11880 Print Heads?

Discussion in 'Large Format Inkjet Printers' started by Drawart51, Aug 17, 2020.

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    Aug 2020

    I occasionally use an Epson 11880 professional large format 8 color printer. recently
    someone did a series of color rich prints on the unit just before I did some grey-scale
    ink only prints on the unit. There were very small drops of cyan and magenta that
    got on my prints (though only the grey-scale inks were being used). This causes me
    to wonder if there can be an accumulation of wet ink on the print head surface due to
    significant "just prior" color printing. Anyone have any ideas or experiences with this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Mar 2019
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    This depends on the paper that was used prior to you printing and the settings. If the setting didn't match the paper prior as best as it could, there's a chance that the colors may have rubbed from the paper. But if this did happen, you would have seen it on the color print before you did yours.

    Best option is to do a nozzle check and make sure it's firing properly where certain colors could have landed on your grey-scale image by accident from miss firing nozzles (unfortunately). If the nozzle check comes through good, it could be a accidental misshap. But not saying that this is the only reasoning, but possible reason.

    How does the color print look before you printed?

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