Wax toner printing for screen printing positives?

Discussion in 'Other Digital Presses' started by hme123, Mar 10, 2022.

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    Mar 2022
    Does anyone have any insight on the use of wax toner printers for use in producing digital positives for screen printing?

    I currently use an inkjet printer, a Canon 9880, printing onto tracing paper. I am looking for a replacement printer and am wondering is a wax toner printer such as the Canon OCE Colourwave series is a viable alternative.

    The Océ ColorWave... large format printer/copier/scanner converts solid toner "pearls" into a gel which is jetted and crystallized onto any type of paper or other media. By utilizing solid toner without fusing chemicals, the printer delivers virtually emission-free printing with no ozone, odor, or fine powder emissions.

    I have tried making screens using transparencies made from this type of printer and have had good results. The blacks are super dense, so very easy to wash out screens. Also, the ink dries instantly on the polyester film so there's no waiting around for your positives to dry.

    I am considering whether to rent this type of printer as a replacement and am keen to hear other screen printers' experience.