Wanted Advice On Printing Capability of Hikari 270 7 U7HLLN,2006

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    Sep 2012
    The specifications of the press are:280 mm web width,intermittent,7 colour, with interdeck Hikari UV 9 kw drying power,2 hot foil units, flatbed silk screen- Screen unit is flatbed made by Rapid equipment in Sydney has been retrofitted to the press and has a GEW E-BRICK UV curing unit on it, lamination, flatbed diecutting,rewind/unwind, rapid slitter,servo motor.second pass scanner. Max Repeat:254mm.Semi rotary : 210 mm.

    We have a buyer who wants to print Metallic paper self adhesive label, pe, pp, ps based transparent pressure sensitive label, PVC shrink sleeves label.. In roll form.The buyer asks the questions below:
    Can the machine be modified to attach chilling drum system ?
    Can the machine print PVC shrink sleeves ??
    Can the machine be modified to handle cold stamping/lamination ?

    We have been told the machine cannot print on film due to the lack of appropriate tension control on the machine.
    Does anyone have advice regarding the above. We believe he will need a flexo press with chilled rollers.

    Margaret Lucas
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    Nov 2021
    Hi margaret
    Given the specifications of the press you provided, it's essential to evaluate the modifications requested by the buyer
    - Consult with the press manufacturer to determine if the press can be modified to attach a chilling drum system. This may depend on the structural compatibility and available space on the press.
    - Evaluate the press's compatibility with printing on PVC shrink sleeves. Factors include the ink compatibility, drying power of the UV system, and whether any additional modifications are needed for handling PVC material.
    - Investigate the possibility of modifying the press for cold stamping or lamination. This might involve assessing the press's current capabilities and whether retrofitting is feasible.
    - If the press is not suitable for film printing due to tension control issues, consider consulting with experts to explore potential modifications. A flexo press with chilled rollers may indeed offer better control for printing on film materials.