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Discussion in 'Océ Digital Presses' started by Sean Lake, May 19, 2017.

  1. Sean Lake

    Sean Lake New Member

    May 2017
    I recently started working at company that has an older VS7400 printer. As I'm getting trained up on how to use it, part of my job is to help the company get more up to date on their technology and equipment so they can accept more complex jobs that call for variable data. I've been working with InDesign, researching XMPIE, and gotten most of it to work for our little Xerox C70. But the problem is getting it all to work with that older VS7400. I'm told we have to push everything through Print Net [ver 3.16..I think] (load customer files, drop in variable data, etc..) to run the printer. My question is, is between the different export formats InDesign and XMPIE have is there any other software out there that can operate this printer and all of it's functions (i.e. two up, north south sort, duplex, etc...), and accept one of the file formats InDesign and XMPIE can export to?

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