Variable Imaging/Data Software - PrintShop Mail by Objectif Lune

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    We are currently using PrintShop Mail 7.0 by Objectif Lune. We use this for adding variable data and to control the variable image switching along with imposition. I have found it to be easy to use, most of the time. I am sure I am not even using it to its full potential. I'm concerned some of the newer printers might not be compatible. Has anyone else used this software? I am wondering if it will work with the new Xerox Iridesse or the Versant or whatever printer we might end up with

    Also, what alternatives are available? We used something called DesignMerge - a plug-in with Adobe InDesign and it was horribly clumsy. Instead of 1-up we had to create the multiple up page and multiple copy blocks. Then from month to month, even if the only thing that changed was the data - somehow it never worked quite right without a bunch of tweaking. The variable image switching never worked quite the way I wanted. Maybe I was too familiar with PrintShop Mail and didn't like the new software.

    Xerox tried to get us to test something called VI Express or something like that - but because we were super busy I never got a chance to truly learn it before our trial period ran out - and what I did work on seemed clumsy to me. If I had proper training it might have worked...

    Just looking ahead to the time when we may upgrade our press and want to make sure everything is compatible or if I will have a major learning curve to overcome. I already see some issues in file preparation for special spot colors (gold, white, silver) if we aren't the ones doing the set up and are receiving customer files.
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    Hi. I use Printshop Mail in workplace, too. Have you find any possible alternative to replace PSMail?