UV Print has White backing?

Discussion in 'UV' started by Kinggaz, Dec 29, 2022.

  1. Kinggaz

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    Dec 2022
    I am completely new to UV printing so I could really do with some help understanding something please.

    I bought a product that had been created using UV printing. It is a small plaque that was made from clear 5mm thick Acrylic, and it has a photograph printed on it. As you look at the plaque, the printing has been done on the back. So it must have been printed in reverse, so that when you look at it, the ink is on the back of the plaque, so you are looking through it.

    From the front it is a full colour, vibrant photo and very good quality. When i look at the back, it is pure white over the ink. I have never seen this before. Is the UV printer covering the coloured ink in white as a protective layer? Or is it to make sure the colours are vibrant maybe? Otherwise without the white, i guess it would look like a stain glass window. Is this normal for UV printing? I am looking to buy a UV printer and just want to know if this is normal practice, or is this a special technique being used?

    Thanks in advance for any help
  2. Jack liston

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    Sep 2019
    Special process lens is printed on press then white laminate is placed on back of lens
  3. Adil

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    Nov 2021
    Hi sir .
    What you're describing is a common technique in UV printing called "reverse printing" or "second surface printing." The ink is applied on the back (second surface) of a transparent material, like your clear acrylic plaque. This method protects the print from external elements and provides a vibrant, glossy appearance when viewed from the front. The white layer acts as a background, enhancing color vibrancy and preventing the image from blending with the surface behind it. It's a standard practice for achieving high-quality, visually appealing results in UV printing on transparent materials.
    Good luck