Username and password Wholenberg CUT-TEC 92p

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  1. RogerCasper

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    Oct 2021
    Hey guys,

    I am new here and I have a question about the Wholemberg Cut-TEC 92P

    I need to carry out a reference run of the backstop.
    I can make de spindel run forward to the reference position and when I reached the reference switch the display show 77 mm en starts to run in the opposite direction till it stops by reaching the switch at maximum position at the back. The spindle brake is still off and I can only move it by hand a short forward till the switch got free and the spindle motor starts to move it to the back agin. At this point I stil don’t have the spindle referenced. No value of actual position in display.

    Before this problem I had the machine CPU backup battery low and I change it.

    now I might need an username and password to enter the system to preform a calibration on shaft 7

    How know the username and password for this machine?

    please help me out?