Used C1 or IR Advance 9065

Discussion in 'Canon imagePRESS Digital Presses' started by mwr.copy, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. mwr.copy

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    Jun 2010
    Hi, I am planning to buy a digital printing machine. After comparing with KM 6501 and Xerox 700, the lowest price is Canon (IR Adv 9065 and C1).
    Would any one give me more information what machine should I buy (Canon IR Advance 9065 or C1) ?
    Which one have better quality image? (I don't need high speed printing)
    I also get an offer used C1 (2 years), the counter is still very-very low (under 200k), and the price is half of the new C1.
    If I want to buy a used C1, What do I need to check?
  2. archipelago

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    Apr 2010
    Midwest USA
    If canon, the IR's advantage is speed; the C1 delivers more consistent prints with more punch and great gloss quality if you want it. Other drawback of the C1 is a couple pennies more per print typically on a click contract.

    The quality from the C1 is nice - the only (huge) drawback to it is the very slow (by today's standards) color printing speed -- it's like the modern version of the CLC 11xx series or the famous doc 12, where we see most other machines in the 30-50+ range now. But if that doesn't bother you, the print quality is nice.
    Can you put it under a service contract, or will you have to go it alone in terms of supplies, parts and service?
    Can you get some test prints from your file printed on the machine you will be buying?
    Who currently services the machine? If possible have a look and see how worn rollers, mylar diverters, etc. look and how clean the machine looks.
    Any guarantee on it? Then roll the dice. As long as your test prints were difficult enough to show common inconsistencies, jitters, streaks, etc. and/or typical of everything you print, you should be ok. Of course with used, someone will get that lemon with a hard to track down issue that will drive them nuts or that they'll just have to learn to live with...
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    Apr 2009
    I love the print quality of my C1+ but it has not been reliable and needs *constant* of service. Here in Boston, Canon Business Solutions simply isn't equipped to service the machine. They seem to have neither the manpower nor the know-how. After a year and a half, and about 120k color clicks, the machine has been down for the better part of two weeks. Caveat emptor.