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Discussion in '1-Color and 2-Color Offset Presses' started by Dudgy, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. Dudgy

    Dudgy New Member

    Dec 2017
    Hi, maybe someone can help me with a bit of advice? Currently have an old Ryobi 3200 NP which has seen better days, therefore time for an upgrade. Jobs carried out are mostly 1 colour, seldom 2 colour, almost all NCR paper jobs. We also run a lot of single colour envelope jobs. Can anyone advise a natural successor to the Ryobi 3200 NP. Thanks
  2. printerdan

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    May 2014
    S.E. Michigan
    I would say that's the best you're going to find in 1 color machines for what you're using it for. I've found that you can run a lot more envelopes on a Ryobi with their 5 ply blankets than you would with an AB Dick which uses 3 ply (?) blankets.
    The natural successor would be a Ryobi 3302 for tight 2/3/4 color.
    The most important part of any small press is to equip it with a continuous dampeners; Crestline or Kompac.
  3. Ryobi Press Parts

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    Dec 2011
    Agreed, there really is not a better match for running envelopes aside for a Halm then a Ryobi 3200 or 3200E with an Astro envelope feeder attached. I use to service a Blue Cross & Blue Shield account that had 3 Ryobi 3300 presses all with Astro Feeders. When it was time to run envelopes for the quarter they would crank up all 3 presses, 2 shifts each and run off about 1.5 million a month on each press, 2 of the 3 presses had just over 300 million imps when they were retired. As Printerdan said, Crestline and Kompac help much on any small duplicator.

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