Toner Fade resistant/longevity in sunlight?

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    Laser Printing for use in sunlight?
    I'm curious to hear how well toner holds up in sunlight and if there are differences in toner quality, as I hope to consider use of after market, refurbished toner cartridges or possibly DIY refill kits? I need to get the best toner that will resist fading and hold up, under laminate, in sunlight. Possibly all toner is very much the same?

    I'm a volunteer working with several lost dog non-profit groups and recently started testing printing methods to make letter to 12x18 size LOST DOG FLYERS, which are laminated and used outside in direct/indirect sunlight.

    Inkjet hasn't worked well in sunlight. The few laser text flyers I had done locally held up remarkably well for weeks/months outside under laminate. I was able to find someone selling an HP CP5225 for a great price which I couldn't refuse. I will begin testing the HP with various types of papers now.

    This is my first experience owning a laser printer, but I do have experience with various inkjets, including wide format and color management. Thanks for any help with this. Thank You!