Toner cartridge not recognized when putting in new cartridge (FIXED)

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    One of the biggest headaches we had from the beginning was toner related. The Iridesse would say the cartridge (or whatever the technical name is) was empty but when you went to replace it often it wouldn't recognize the new one until you restarted the machine. Big nuisance. Sometimes you would put the new one in and it would recognize it for a few minutes then the machine would tell you it was empty. Often it was happening and the cartridge was half or even 3/4 full. The guilty colors in our machine were almost always yellow or magenta.

    After about a month of this (along with other issues) one of our technicians said Xerox was working on a retrofit that should take care if it. It was suggested it was related to static in the machine. About a week (maybe two) ago the new retrofit kit came in and was installed - basically looks like grounding wires they put in each of the color chambers. So far we haven't had that issue any more.

    We had another fault which I am wondering was related to the static issue. Many times we would get a fault code 91-911 about the yellow dicorotron not being installed properly. Sometimes I would have to reseat it many times or even change it before the machine would start up again. For the most part this may have been fixed with the retrofit as well.