Tips on cd 74 feeder

Discussion in 'Heidelberg Printing Presses' started by Jack liston, Sep 7, 2021.

  1. Jack liston

    Jack liston Member

    Sep 2019
    HELLO fellow printers would like to get some pointers on cd 74 feeder newer style thanks for any input Jack.
  2. turbotom1052

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    Oct 2008
    First thing to remember on any feeder, is that more is not always better. Ive seen feeder operators blast the crap out of the feeder pile with separation air. You should be using just enough air to get the job done. Separation of the top 8 to 10 sheets by the air separators on the back of the feeder is all it takes. The foot should be blowing just enough air to make sure the sheet thats in the forwarding suckers flutter just a little. Your sucker vacuum should be only enough to pick up and hold the sheet. Hold down springs with just enough pressure to not pull doubles. The lighter the sheet weight gets, the more critical accurate settings become. I like to always set up my feeder symmetrically. When possible try and run your feeder tapes, if so equipped, in line with the infeeds headstops. The temptation to run everything right off of the shipping pallet, without handling and airing out the sheet, will cause you problems. If you know your feeder is set up correctly and your feeder keeps tripping off, then I would suggest that you pull out your feeder load and "wind" the stock!!!