Timing problem?/9870 ABDick

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    I have an ABDick 9870 w/t-head that I hadn't ran in about two months and when I went to make an image move up I lossend the lock and went to turn the wheel to make the adjustment I could barely move the wheel, and when I checked the position it had a double image and that is not normal. When you make an up or down move it is always clean with no loss of image quality. It did start turning freely after a couple of moves and I was able to finish the job. The problem I am Having now is when I went to convert over to envelopes they look like they are out of time and jumping over the grippers. Does anyone know of any timing marks to check so I can find out if it is timing or another problem
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    I had one in the past that went out of timing. During cleanup the tail clamp for the cleanup sheet flipped out and made the gears jump a few teeth. I was able to locate a timing mark on the gears and put it back where it goes. Only problem I had was I had to release a spring that was difficult to put back. I'm sorry I don't have pictures to attach but I hope you get your problem resolved.
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    Sounds like the impression cylinder is still making contact with the blanket cylinder not allowing the impression cylinder to move. When making a circumferential adjustment you are advancing or retarding the feed. The plate and blanket cylinder never change like other presses do, allowing you not to have to clean the blanket after each adjustment. Check on the gear side of the press making sure that the impression cylinder latching is disconnecting.