Time to review the first 10 years of BHS Operation in China

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    May 2011
    Historically the first contact between BHS and China was established in the early 20th
    Century, where BHS was still state-owned and the subject was rather on general trading than on machinery.

    A few dozens of years later, in the late 80s, early 90s, BHS succeeded to take the first orders from Japan as well as Korea and gained a good reputation especially for its well designed, strong wet-end equipment.

    This point in time can be seen as the initiation of the success story of BHS in Asia but still at that time, BHS was a rather exotic supplier in this region compared to the well established existing ones.

    After being privatised, the young and now exclusively on corrugating equipment focused "BHS Corrugated Maschinen-und Anlagenbau GmbH" entered then successfully the market in Taiwan and simply followed the successful clients from there over to Mainland China. Finally, the first BHS branch office was opened 2002 in Shenzhen under the leadership of Mr. Peter Chen, our former sales manager in Taiwan.

    In this year also the decision for local manufacturing in China was taken with the intention to give a clear commitment to the huge and strong growing market there.

    The following years were challenging, as we had to learn how to adapt to the local needs. The BHS team spent a few years to design best suitable equipment concepts, as the requirements are indeed different in various aspects to the ones in Europe and America. Major criterion still by today was to go clearly beyond a "one fits all approach" and to offer not only the best product range selection in terms of equipment but also the most professional service support to the Chinese corrugating industry.

    Parallel to market research and technical design efforts, the Qingpu plant in the West of Shanghai was established early 2004 with a first team of some 60 employees and we are very glad to note that a significant number of them is still with us to this day. By the year 2009 BHS completed its worldwide product ranges and is able to offer nowadays a well balanced selection of five different corrugator concepts, each one perfectly optimised for certain needs in order to provide best possible return to the users. Two of these line concepts are assembled in Qingpu Plant under the motto "German Quality made in Shanghai" what goes along with the great success of Europe's biggest car manufacturer in China, also started once in Shanghai.

    We are proud today to report that the turnover of BHS Shanghai giving secure jobs to 300local employees is exceeding the most ones of our local but also international competitors providing security for long term operation to our clients in Greater China.
    With the BHS Asia Pacific Headquarter founded 2012 in Shanghai, the BHS Group targets to support better its multinational clients also in the surrounding countries and it will be very interesting to review the next chapter of this unique success story in 10 years time from now.

    Guenter Huber
    Director of Asia Pacific