Strange cardstock shearing

Discussion in 'Heidelberg Printing Presses' started by ZombieGuy, May 3, 2020.

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    I'll preface this post by saying I am not a pressman, just a trading card collector trying to find some answers that have a misprint community stumped. This might end up being an issue with the cardstock but as far as I know these cards are made with a Heidelberg press, so perhaps someone has seen something like this before, which brings me to the question - has anyone seen this kind of surface shearing on cardstock?

    Some details I'd like to point out:
    - The inner affected area has shrunken and sheared away from the outer unaffected area. This is most obvious if you look at the top right and bottom left of the rectangle; the elements do not line up and are pulled inward.
    - The white area is not due to a lack of ink, it is the exposed cardstock beneath the top layer of the card.
    - There appears to be an imperfection below the surface of the card, as seen in the second photo.
    - The outline resembles a piece of tape and people are saying that that there does seem to be some kind of difference in thickness or elevation when looked at from the side or rubbed with a finger but there doesn't seem to be a texture difference between the affected and unaffected area.
    - It mostly seems to happen to newer cards that have been printed since 2017.


    - We have seen some older examples of a similar thing happening but in this case, it began to peel and we could confirm that it was some extremely thin tape of some kind.
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    More than likely what you have is a "double" sheet . A piece of paper from previous sheets rips off and sticks to the blanket of the press and then releases.Or scrap paper is lost in the press and prints over this piece, that's why the under side which you pealed away with the pen appears with no ink, because the scrap piece takes the ink and the "first sheet " lacks ink. I dont run much card stock ,but this is common for all types of printing (sheetfed). Its a defect not caught by the pressman or finishing. Its nothing special as far as production goes, its just a defect. If it is a laminated piece then it may appear to be tape. It's more than likely laminate from a web press or post lamination.