Straight Gripping Attachment(SGA)

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    SGA is a unique product. There is no product in the world which is even similar to this.
    SGA designed for multicolor Heidelberg perfection machines
    Heidelberg printing machines (offset) are world’s best printing machines manufactured in Heidelberg,Germany. 'SGA' has been designed for Heidelberg machines. Heidelbergmulticolor Sheet fed offset machines can be classified into two categories:

    1. Straight Machine:Straight machines do printing on one side of paper in one go.
    2. Perfection Machine:Straight machines do printing on one side of paper in one go.
      1. It can print one side in one go.
      2. With slight adjustment in the perfection unit it can also do both side printing in one go i.e. front & back printing in one go.
    Advantage of SGA
    Most of the printers in Asia buy second hand multicolor sheet fed Heidelberg machines but get fed up with the reoccurring 'pincer gripper assembly' repair or maintenance which is very expensive and a big burden to small scale units. Usually the people who buy second hand equipment do straight printing and the compulsion of doing it on Perfection machine creates lot of printing problems because of wear & tear in pincer gripper.

    SGA converts perfection machine into a straight machine Our attachment 'SGA' is meant only for perfection machines. It converts the perfection machine into straight machine. Perfection machine has "pincer gripper assembly' which has intricate function as it turns the paper to help printing on the other side in one go.

    Idea This continuous problem with perfection machines with no solution than to spend huge money on either repair or replacement of 'pincer 'gripper assembly' gave the Idea of creating an alternative.

    SGA Modals
    SGA for all Heidelberg 'P' Models
    S. No. Name of the Model 'SGA' already made
    1 GTO-46 Yes
    2 GTO-52 Yes
    3 Mo Yes
    4 SM-74 Yes
    5 SM-72 Yes
    6 SM-102 (15 Grippers) Yes
    7 SM-102 (19 Grippers),1998 onwards Model Yes
    The concept of all Seven models of 'SGA' is same. The only difference is the size and the weight of each model.

    1. What is Pincer Gripper?
      • Pincer Gripper is the most important assembly of the perfection mechanism. Pincer Gripper is mounted on the perfection cylinder. The main function of the Pincer Gripper is to hold the paper from one cylinder to the other cylinder. The Pincer Gripper can work in two different modes:
        1. Straight Printing: In this case it holds the paper from the front edge from the previous cylinder and delivers to the next cylinder for one side printing.
        2. Perfection Printing: In this case it holds the paper from the tail end of the paper from the previous cylinder and delivers the paper to the next cylinder i.e. it turns the paper (upside down) so that the printing can be done on the other side.
      • How Pincer Gripper Assembly functions

      • In sheet fed machine paper is gripped and transferred from one cylinder to another cylinder. Two surface are required to hold the paper from both the sides. The paper is gripped between gripper and pad and transferred to the other unit. Pad is stationary with respect to cylinder and gripper is moving. In pincer gripper the gripping is between two grippers and both the grippers are moving. To retain them in one line is very difficult.

      • Pincer gripper assembly has two gripper shafts. The outer shaft is hollow and the other shaft is inserted inside the outer shaft. Both the shafts are governed by four cams (two cams at each end) via gear and rack arrangement. Therefore both the grippers move simultaneously in each rotation

      • While paper is printed both sides in one go (perfecting) pincer gripper assembly grip the paper from the tail end. To achieve both side printing cam followers are shifted from one cam to another cam at both the ends of cylinder. Whereas for: one side printing the whole process is reversed.

      • This mechanism is very intricate which results in frequent wear and tear of its parts.
    2. Technical differences between Pincer Gripper & SGA
      • Pincer Gripper: The main function of the Pincer Gripper as we stated is to hold and transfer the paper from one unit to the other unit. The paper is gripped between top and bottom grippers, No pads are used in Pincer Gripper. Both the grippers move while Pincer Gripper is functioning.
      • SGA: The function of SGA is to hold the paper from one unit to the other unit (only for straight printing). The paper is gripped between grippers and pads. While SGA functions the grippers move and the pads remain stationery.
    3. Advantages of SGA in comparison to Pincer Gripper
      1. Due to intricate functioning of the Pincer Gripper assembly there is:, continuous wear and tear in the assembly. The wear and tear graph is leaner and it starts the day it is installed where as SGA functioning is simple and lasts longer.
      2. Heidelberg has no solution to offer to the printers who want their Perfection machines to be converted into straight machine. They suggest such people to buy straight machine where as with the installation of SGA you can convert your used perfection machine into a straight machine.
      3. With the installation of SGA the printer always have the flexibility of going back to the original Pincer Gripper
      4. In spite of the longer life the cost of the SGA is less than 50% of the original Pincer Gripper.
    Incase Heidelberg wants to convert a perfection machine into a straight machine, they will require to change complete one unit (as highlighted in the illustration. where as we can do this by replacing 'pincer gripper' with 'SGA'.

    It requires few hours to install.

    It doesn't require any drilling, tapping or any kind of machining in the original component in the original Heidelberg machine.

    Go Back Options
    The best part of 'SGA' installation is that incase the customer feels need to go back to the original working of pincer gripper assembly, he only needs to replace 'SGA' with his original pincer gripper.

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