Stacking letter size-no bueno

Discussion in 'Xerox iGen3, iGen4, & iGen5 Digital Presses' started by peels, Mar 26, 2018.

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    Dec 2010
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    Goin nuts here. Stacker cant decide if it wants to be useful or not :)

    Im printing and stacking a very large run of letter size, COPIER paper 20lb. straight outta reams... offset every 16 pgs.

    give or take a few, after about 100 sheets, the trailing edge will start to "float" eventually, the next sheet will ram into it, roll up, and jam. Printing short edge feed, makes it a lil better, but its still stinks. Doesn't feel like static to me...but could be?

    Iv'e had trouble like it before, but not to this extent.

    Curious, maybe I fudged a NVM whilst messing with the labels? I set back everything I "remember" changing. remember in quotes, because I'm in my 40's LOL


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