Stacker problem 11-5510(continued)

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    Been dealing with this off and on for a while... thought id look deeper into it. jams with "late to vgt 2 exit" 11-5510. its 14x18 55# offset paper. (its what I use almost exclusively)

    Stacker runs fine, sensors are clean....test ok. belts are fine. (i rebuilt the vgt last year or 2 i think)

    as the stack rises, paper begins to start(for lack of better term) "floating" 2-3 sheets remain up against the vacuum transport.... fall slowly. like static or air. or both...

    eventually and randomly causes it to backup, thus the late to vgt exit error.

    could it be a machine setting?

    anyone ever seen this?
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    Four things come to mind:

    Check the holes of the stacker belts and ensure that they are aligned with each other. Check tension, they should not be too tight, where the tensioner sets itself should be fine. Even if we had new belts we still had to replace the axles.

    There is a bridge that is held up by springs at inboard and outboard, the bridge is located just before the paper enters the stacker tray. This problem shows up for us with cardstock, replace springs.

    Check the toothed drive belt that drive the stacker belt assembly(ies). See if you can crawl under/inside and look up and inboard, check tension and missing belt teeth.

    Finally, if there is an unusual loudish grind or vacuum sound from behind the stacker unit, the blowers could be losing vacuum or it's drive belt has missing teeth.

    We experienced these at different times, this is what fixed it.