Special custom Toner powder for a specific project

Discussion in '11 x 17 Color Laser Printers' started by Hadi Rabie, Jun 11, 2021.

  1. Hadi Rabie

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    Jun 2021
    hey, Noob here , i know what im asking is very complicated , but i belive it can be done.
    i have a special powder that i would like to use to print , this is a cosemtic powder , which has nothing to do with printing or pigments .
    i looked everywhere for any device that i could stick in the poweder and it prints it directly on paper , but couldnt find any.
    so i thought maybe if i can mix it with toner powder ingredients , refill an old toner with it and use it on a laser printer this could work !
    any advice guys ?
    any support here would be great.
  2. xfactor printing

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    Jan 2011
    united states
    In my experience the tolerances of toner quality aren't huge. I think this is more likely to not work than to work, and I would be ready for the printer you try it with to be damaged. When I tried to use one machine's toner in another similar but different model machine, it was a disaster (terrible print quality, toner leakage, etc.) I think the tolerance for what works in toner is fairly tight.