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  1. alib51

    alib51 New Member

    Sep 2014
    Hello there,

    I am considering starting a small customizable Photobook (also calendars and gift cards) printing business, since it is very hard to find anyone that provides such services in my area. The maximum printing size doesn't need to be any bigger than A4. Since these services do not exist here, there is great potential for such an idea. As for equipment, I understand I will need a printer that can do duplexing and a binding machine at the minimum.

    Can anyone suggest what kind of a printing machine/press could I start with for small scale printing? And what kind of budget do you think I would need to get started?
  2. Kate from Printbox

    Kate from Printbox New Member

    Sep 2014

    Although I can't recommend you any printing machines, I can suggest you a technological solution you could be interested in. It's Printbox: photo products software - a complete solution to build your own photo book business.

    This solution allows you to sell personalized photo products through your website (web shop with your domain and your branding). We can launch you a complete eCommerce platform with an conversion-focused editor filled with ready to use photo products templates. This way you can easily start selling photo books, photo calendars and many other photo products.
    We simplify a huge part of starting a business like this, dealing with software development, stability, backups, data storage, scalability, servers and printing preparation. All you need to do is marketing and production.

    Please let me know if you are interested in getting more information.