SM102 Air Blower/Pump Controller

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  1. Enrique Germany

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    Feb 2021
    Hello, I have the following question.

    Does someone has the KLM-4 Pinout for the X5 Connector?

    I'm currently unable to get one of the air pump motors running. I have checked the KLM-4 components (Fuse, 3-phase input, Rectifier voltage, +15 regulator supply, +12 regulator supply, LA25-np current sense), all working as expected. The Red LED from the KLM board Starts ON, and goes off as expected when the blower button is pressed.

    On the other hand the red light on the LVM-2 board that connects to the corresponding KLM-4 board does not turn off. What does the LVM board senses back from KLM-4 board through the x5 connector? is the pinout somewhere available to continue troubleshooting?

    Any Ideas?