SinoFoldingCarton 2014 – Asia-Pacific’s Prime Stage for New Product Debuts

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    Final preparations are now underway for SinoFoldingCarton 2014 , an event that promises great opportunities for industry professionals to expand their businesses in the booming Asian market. This is the leading folding carton event in the region and an excellent facilitator of cooperation and trade between folding carton packaging printing enterprises and suppliers.

    The annual SinoFoldingCarton show attracts a large number of packaging equipment manufacturers, agents and traders. This year many well-known exhibitors will debut top new products to visitors who will be able to watch expansive demos up close and interact face-to-face with exhibitors.

    Dongguan Shunchin Strives for Top Spot Among China’s Box Pasting Equipment Makers

    In carton making, folding pasting is a key post-print processing step. Advancements in folding pasting techniques have brought about faster, better and more stable packaging technologies for the post-print folding carton industry. They’ve also added new highlights to the beauty of paper packaging products . Dongguan Shunchin Machinery has focused on the R&D and manufacturing of box pasting machines for over a decade. The company specializes in making various kinds of high-speed automatic box pasting machines. So far, it has developed over 10 series of box pasting machines of different sizes ranging from the Model 550 to the Model 2800, which, locally and internationally, are widely used in large and medium-sized packaging printing enterprises. These machines have received widespread praise from users.

    Cai Qi’an, General Manager of Shunchin Machinery, recently gave an overview of the company’s latest developments.

    High-End Positioning and Focus on Box Pasting Machines

    Speaking about market positioning, Mr. Cai said that Shunchin positions itself mainly to serve the medium- and high-end markets. Most of its products are sold to Japan, Germany, Thailand and Indonesia. These international markets account for about 60% of total sales. Shunchin’s domestic customers are mostly large companies like Lukka International. Mr. Cai rates the quality of Shunchin’s equipment alongside that of well-known international brands, at just one third the price. This is why Shunchin’s products are so well received.

    Shunchin Machinery ( manufactures most of its products according to the specifications of its customers. This means that its production is stable. Mr. Cai says, “Unlike most other enterprises in China, all the equipment we produce is tailored to the specifications of individual customers. So we basically have no inventory. Our annual output is only about 40 to 50 sets. Also, we have no debt; in fact, we are in the black. So we do not suffer from the capital chain problem and our company’s development is very stable."

    Showing and Demonstrating the Most Advanced High-Speed Automatic Box Pasting Machine at SinoFoldingCarton 2014

    Mr. Cai joined the box pasting machine (糊盒&startRecord=1#) industry in 1994. At that time, about half the folding cartons sold in China were hand-made. Due to a rise in the number of special-shaped folding boxes in the market, and as demand kept rising, more and more box pasting machines were used, greatly enhancing production efficiency. “Our fastest automatic box pasting machine has a maximum speed of 600m per minute, which is the highest in China right now,” said Mr. Cai. “We will demonstrate this newly developed model, SQ850 at SinoFoldingCarton 2014. It can be equipped with the latest photographic detection and auxiliary advance paper-feeding, paper-collecting, U-turn and other functions, according to the specific requirements of each customer.”

    SinoFoldingCarton 2014 to Spur Lishunyuan’s Development

    Dongguan City’s Lishunyuan Machinery Factory (力顺源&startRecord=1#)(Liyuan Machinery Factory) specializes in developing, designing and manufacturing different kinds of post-printing equipment. Since its founding in 2002, it has followed a philosophy of “People first, effective management and unwavering pursuit of excellence”. The company’s leadership believes in survival through high quality products; in boosting profits through good management and in securing development with innovation. It follows people-oriented management principles and has cultivated a high quality management team that leads the R&D, technology, production and service operations in the company. Over 11 years of trial and experimentation, Lishunyuan, a provte business, has grown into a hi-tech operation in Guangdong, occupying an area of over 20,000 sqm. The company now plans to build dust-free plants. When asked to comment on achievements to date, Rao Zhengli, Lishunyuan CEO, had no interest in dwelling on the past. Rather, he is full of hope and expectation for the future.

    Overcoming Technical Difficulties and Successfully Developing China’s First Intelligent Automatic Rigid Box Machines

    Due to rising labor costs, post-printing packaging producers are moving more and more towards automated production. Mr. Rao has always believed that packaging boxes will eventually become simple again. At the same time, customers will become increasingly demanding about the details of the boxes. For example, ears of folding boxes must be sufficiently folded, or slight structural adjustments can be made to make one side higher than the other. The regular automatic rigid box-making machines currently on the market do not fit these needs.

    After two years of R&D, Lishunyuan overcame technical difficulties and released an intelligent automatic rigid box-making machine in August 2012. Describing this machine (制盒机&startRecord=1#), Mr. Rao said, “It uses a PLC programming controller that has a computer function parameter setting and a fault display function. The presetting section is controlled by a servo system. Compared with regular rigid box-making machines, the new model needs less time for debugging. It has a memory function that can call out information of any product produced by this machine since its introduction to the company within one minute. The box holder positioning section applies ball screws with linear guide rails, facilitating positioning accuracy within ±0.2mm. The box-holding mechanism carries whole semi-finished boxes with a mechanical hand and sends them to the forming section. This effectively eliminates scratching the surface of the boxes. The machine produces special-shaped products like trapezoid-shaped rigid boxes, rigid boxes with one edge higher than the other and boxes with hitched ears.”

    So far, through constant testing and debugging, the intelligent automatic rigid box-making machine has successfully developed nearly 300,000 rigid boxes. To enhance its stability, Lishunyuan has invited leaders of well-known Chinese packaging enterprises to assess the machine, give advice and try to make a variety of rigid boxes with it. The machine has received unanimous approval from users who find it to be the most intelligent automatic rigid box-making device in China.

    Debuting New Products through an Impressive Display at SinoFoldingCarton 2014

    Since its new intelligent automatic rigid box-making machine was launched over a year ago, it has received a lot of attention from companies who have the demand to use box-making machine both locally and internationally. Lishunyuan will showcase its intelligent automatic rigid box-making machine at SinoFoldingCarton 2014 from April 10 to 12 in Houjie, Dongguan.

    Speaking about the event, Mr. Rao said, “We know that SinoFoldingCarton is the leading business and trade showcase for folding carton post-print equipment, consumables, technologies and services in Asia-Pacific. It brings together the continent’s high-end folding carton packaging printing enterprises, specialists in post-printing processing. The show also supports face-to-face exchange and communication opportunities between exhibitors like us and visitors with big budgets and high purchasing intent. This event provides unique, powerful marketing channels that meet the needs of folding carton post-print equipment suppliers, to help exhibitors effectively display post-print products, technologies and brands. We are convinced that SinoFoldingCarton 2014 will spur Lishunyuan on to bigger and better things!”

    Higher Shengli: Helping Customers to Make Bigger Profits Through Innovative Technologies

    Exclusive Interview with Li Qianning, President of Xi’an Precision Printing Machinery Research Institute, a Subsidiary of Higher Shengli

    Yutian County (in Hebei Province) is known as “China’s home of printing machines”. It is known within the industry as a post-printing packaging machinery base. As a comprehensive industry group that integrate R&D, production, sales and service operations, Higher Shengli Machinery Group was born into a land of resources and opportunities.

    Strengthening Technological Innovation in Products

    Since its founding in 1995, and following 18 years of technological innovations and market tests, Higher Shengli has become a well-known supplier of post-print processing equipment. The company was the first manufacturer of indentation modulus in China and the Shengli brand quick-mounting indentation modulus it manufactures is renowned. The Shengli trademark is recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The company mainly produces binding and post-print equipment for packaging products, decoration materials, books and magazines, including automatic die-cutting machines, bronzing machines, paper-mounting machines and laminating machines (覆膜机&startRecord=1#), folding machines , binding machines, die cutting plate-making equipment and other products. According to Mr. Li Qianning, President of Xi’an Precision Printing Machinery Research Institute, a subsidiary, “Higher Shengli has a series of top products that it has independently developed. To enhance its strength and sustain rapid development, the company has injected more capital into R&D. In 2013, Higher Shengli acquired Xi’an Precision Printing Machinery Research Institute, further enhancing its technology capabilities. The packaging industry has seen rapid growth in recent years in China with ever greater production scale and output.

    Mr. Li said: “We are keeping pace with the times and paying close attention to the needs of customers. We are incorporating customers’ calls for a greater degree of automation, efficiency, environment friendliness and energy-saving. We do this by upgrading existing products or designing new products. The acquisition of Xi’an Precision Printing Machinery Research Institute, for example, reflects our wish to boost customers’ profits through technological innovation.”

    Helping Customers to Grow with High Quality Equipment

    Higher Shengli will showcase its latest technologies and products at SinoFoldingCarton 2014. The products include the PUR sheet-fed laminating machine, which, compared to conventional laminating machines that need separate curing ovens, solves the curing problem by using the kind of glue that contains monocomponent insulation ester. It is a kind of cold lamination technology that features self-curing by absorbing the moisture in the air and no longer needing an oven to enable the curing. The glue used by the PUR sheet-fed laminating machine is odorless, pollution-free and has passed FDA’s safety certification. It can be used safely in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It conserves energy better and is environment friendly. The machine also accelerates the speed of lamination and the products it laminated are firmer and are harder to become deformed. It has the advantages of both high efficiency and high quality. Additionally, the machine further employs the online glossing technology that enables glossing while laminating, making the post-printing and bronzing procedures even easier. It is capable of online production of golden and silver cards.

    Talking about the machine’s features and benefits, President Li summarized: “The PUR sheet-fed laminating machine is a typical example of the new technologies of the 4th generation laminating machines. It uses less glue, saves costs, lowers energy consumption and is more efficient and environmentally friendly. The online glossing function can help enterprises to expand their business scope. These technologies were rather expensive when they were promoted in foreign countries a few years ago; so they’ve not been widely applied by printing enterprises. Now that we have localized these technologies and have applied for national patents, the cost of the equipment has been greatly reduced. The online glossing function in particular, can enable printing companies to make golden and silver cards by themselves instead of outsourcing them to other companies as they have done before. It provides customers with brand new, efficient and convenient solutions and enables them to reap greater benefits from the market.

    Higher Shengli to Debut Other New Products at SinoFoldingCarton 2014

    Mr. Li reiterated that although there were now many exhibitions in China, the company limited its participation to just the highly influential events. He said, “SinoFoldingCarton, organized by Reed Exhibitions, has obvious advantages and is the best platform for us to promote our products. The customer groups at the show are our target customers. We relish the opportunity to present our new products and technologies face-to-face. This is why we are exhibiting at SinoFoldingCarton 2014.”

    Apart from the PUR sheet-fed laminating machine, Higher Shengli will also introduce other new products at the show. SinoFoldingCarton is the top folding carton event in the packaging industry. Annually, the show attracts numerous packaging equipment manufacturers, purchasers, dealers and traders. Mr. Li hopes to welcome a high number of visitors to SinoFoldingCarton 2014.

    About SinoFoldingCarton 2014 – Asia-Pacific's leading business platform for post-print manufacturing equipment and consumables from the folding carton industry. The exhibition highlights new developments and advanced technologies from across the entire carton packaging industry. It also showcases post-print equipment and consumables; providing folding carton manufacturers with prime solutions for energy-saving, consumption reduction and highly efficient production. The exhibition is a powerful multinational channel via which manufacturers of folding carton boxes significantly enhance their purchasing efficiency, cut costs and discover the latest trade information and technologies.

    For more information, please visit the official SinoFoldingCarton 2014 website: www.sino-

    About Reed Exhibitions Greater China - The country’s premier exhibition organizer

    Reed Exhibitions Greater China is a part of a world leading event organizer that hosts 500 events in 41 countries: Reed Exhibitions. Reed Exhibitions’ portfolio of exhibitions and conferences serves 44 industry sectors across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa. Reed’s has 3,000 employees worldwide. In 2012, it brought together over seven million event participants from around the world, generating billions of dollars in business for its customers. The group’s total revenues for the year 2012 were GBP 854 million.

    After more than two decades of rapid growth, today, Reed Exhibitions Greater China is the country’s premier organizer of definitive trade events, with eight outstanding member companies: Reed Exhibitions China, Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, Reed Huabo Exhibitions, Reed Huaqun Exhibitions, Reed Exhibitions (Hainan), Reed Guanghe Exhibitions, Reed Huabai Exhibitions and Reed Hongda Exhibitions.

    Currently, over 500 staff from China help Reed to serve 11 specialized sectors: Electronics Manufacturing & Assembly · Machine Tools, Metalworking & Industrial Materials · Converting · Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Beauty & Cosmetics · Gifts & Homeware · Auto Aftermarket · Lifestyle · Gaming · Building & Construction · Property and Travel · Marine, Energy, Oil & Gas.

    In 2012, Reed Exhibitions Greater China held 56 events and brought together more than 870,000 visitors and 41,000 conference delegates. Our events hosted more than 29,000 suppliers whose stands occupied more than 1.34 million sqm of show floor space.

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