Silver ink on 7900

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    Oct 2021
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    Hi all. I've been running the 7900 since February and had the Level 1 training for it. My company bought this press used, with only 2m clicks on it, and it has the new Silver ink capability. We didn't receive any special training on Silver, just were told to remove the ink and BID any time they're not in use, as the ink is very rough on the BID (which has to be purchased by us).

    A couple weeks ago we had our first silver job come through, and it was an operator's worst nightmare. The ink kept getting streaks through it (obvious BID streaks), and the usual BID maintenance and flushing with OFIR didn't seems to help, in fact it became much worse after a few flushes.

    Long story short, we got through the job after a service call, and the main factor seems to have been the yellow PVC tubes between BID and ink tank were horribly dirty (probably from the previous owners). After these tubes were replaced, things started to clean up again.

    So it was a horribly stressful affair, down to the wire, and I just wanted to reach out and see if anyone has had experience with this ink and might have some tips and tricks on working with it.

    Thanks, Mike