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Sell copier MP5002

Discussion in 'Other Printing Equipment for Sale' started by photocopyviet, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. photocopyviet

    photocopyviet New Member

    Jul 2017
    Ricoh copier is one of the most running copiers in HCMC. With cutting-edge features such as: network printing + color scan + photo and especially cheap price should be a lot of office - favorite agency.

    Machines that are modern and environmentally friendly should be used by many. Optimal features of the machine:

    - Tốc độ In – thue may photo o can tho – Scan: từ 25 đến 80 bản in / phút.
    - Paper size used: A5 - A4 - A3.
    - Number of consecutive copies: 999 - 9999 copies.
    - magnification | Thumbnail capture: 25% - 400%.
    - Tray: 100 sheets.
    - SCAN resolution: 600 - 1200 dpi.
    - Touch screen control: Yes.
    - Separate divide function: Yes.
    - LAN print function: Yes.
    - Black and white SCAN function: Yes.
    - Print function - photo 2 sides: Yes

    Ngoài cung cấp ban may photo o ninh thuan ra thì chúng tôi còn cung cấp mực máy photocopy chính hãng và mực máy photo tương thích của dòng Ricoh như:

    Ricoh Copier Inks: 2007, 3350, 2851, 3351, 4000, 5000, 4001, 5001, 6000, 6001, 7001, 8001, 9001, 5500, 6500, 7500, 1060, 1075, 2051, 2060, 2075, 201SPF, 2852 2001, 2000L2, 2501L, 4000B, 2352SP, 1900, 3500, 3352SP, 2001SP, 2501SP, 4002SP, 3045,2035,3035,4002, 5002,161L, 2045,3350B, 2550B, 1515MF, 3053SP, 3353, 3053, 2010SP 3353SP, 9002, 171L, 5002SP, 6002, 7502,5000B, 1800L2, 4500, 3352, 2852SP

    The service of ink - wedding gift photo of our company has the following advantages:

    No squid ink when printing - Limited waste ink.
    Always keep sharp prints
    Do not drop the ink affect the life of the copier, damage to the machine as well as the warranty of the copier.
    Save the maximum cost for you.
    We always have spare parts available, such as drums, levers, high-pressure shafts, magnetic shafts, and cartridge assemblies to replace old and worn parts for maximum cost savings.
    Receive the supply of photocopy ink, maintenance repair office machines for agencies, enterprises "fast service, not afraid to far away, warranty to the end of ink, synchronous solution for long-term stability" .

    Hotline: 0931.4932.75 Mr. Nhan