RYOBI 3404X-DI Error E-110

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    So my concern is again on RYOBI 3404X-DI machine. Yesteday, i got the E-110 error on the screen. Can someone tells me what does it means and how to solve this error? See picture on the attached file.


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    Dec 2016
    Hi normally
    this error is with CPU or MicroP.+
    Do this step firs:
    1) Perform a visual inspection : look for loose and broken wires, improperly seated connectors, loose or broken wires
    misset switch, missing jumpers. and so on.
    Chech for obviously damaged component(components burned or discolore due to overheating);
    Dust + dirt + tear +wear

    2) Reseating Boards and components:
    Edge connectors are a common souorce of problems. Power down the system and remove the PC boards. Examine the edge connector
    for contamination and clean with contacts cleaner contacts. Reseat any loose components such as scoketed ICs) . Reseat the
    boards and power up.

    3) Power supply checks:
    Check the power supply for missing voltages and voltages out of spec. A digital multimieter DMM can be necessary, as
    voltage specifications are quite tight: logic supplies for example: must be within + 0.5 percent of 5Vdc. All the
    multiple supplies and all must be checked.

    4) Board swapping:
    Board swapping involves the substitutiono of a known godd board for a suspect one.

    5) Clock for CPU:
    Check the frecuency with frequency counter or a DMM included frecuency counter( like Fluke DMM)

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