Running pre-printed offset stocks?

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    This is a constant pain in the *** for me. A lot of our work is black over-printing on pre-printed offset stock. Depending on the weight, size and grain direction these genuinely run well on our Nuvera but when the job is a large one and the deadline short I sometimes have to shift some onto the iGen150's. The 150's have an air fed feeder system kind of like the Nuvera so feeding is fine but is quite temperamental when it comes to weight and grain.

    The current job I am running (or trying to) is a 412mm x 210mm duplex acquisition letter. It's a cheap 90gsm stock that our clients just love since it's cheap as chips but has little structure to it and curls in both directions whether it be short or long grain. It's **** and I've been telling them it's **** for the last five years.

    One of our 150's will spit out maybe ten sheets then the next will get lodged up into the transfer deck. So that's one down. The second 150 feeds and prints on it fine but stacks like a dogs breakfast. So that's another one off the list.

    Now to the 1000i. There's probably quite a few fellow digital print operators in here who have ran the 800/1000 machines and have experienced running pre-printed stock on them. As you know the feed trays are friction fed not air fed like the Nuvera or iGen so what happens is the offset dust on the stock builds up/contaminates the feed wheels and you then get misfeeds due to the wheels having zero grip and slipping.

    Cleaning the wheels help but again fifty sheets later 'misfeed'. Playing with the custom air assist settings help a little but really only just delay the inevitable and you get your misfeed again. So what I want to know and I know it's a long shot but has anyone found a solution or work around to printing pre-printed offset stocks on the 1000 and would be willing to share?

    Management and sales being management and sales expect these jobs to run flawlessly on all my machines but in reality it only runs on one. So any help would be appreciated or even just a little sympathy from a fellow printer who feels my pain.

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    Just wondering if you made any progress with this to be as efficient as possible (offset pre-print through the 1000 press) ?