Ruined color cartridge.

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    Oct 2016

    I've got a ciss system installed on a canon IP2810. A coupe of weeks ago all colors(including black) where printing white lines, and the Ciss hose had many air burbles, upon opening, I discovered that the hose was cut (From mechanical exhaustion).

    So I decided to cut the hose, and reinsert it on the Cartridge. To my surprise, magenta didn't work, and black was still printing white lines. So I tried every solution on the internet.

    i)I put the color and black cartridge on hot water, which worked, and the printer worked fine for a day.

    From Now on. I did nothing else with black, even though the white lines still appeared

    ii)I Put the color again in hot water, but this time, I left the cartridge too much time, so when the cartridge refilled itself, It didn't work.

    iii) I tried to push air through the upper hole of the cartridge, to remove possible air, and clean any leftover in the cartridge, I discovered that the cartridge was full of ink bubbles (maybe do to the heat?).

    Anyway, I tried to empty the cartridge with the syringe, So I refill it with water from the top, applying pressure so that the renaming water/ink went through the lower part. I repeated this process like 20 times, trying to clean it .

    iv) Now color doesn't even work. Black still works but I have to print on high quality just to get a grayish color.

    I now I've made a dissaster with the printer. Does it has any salvation?

    PD: I now I am a savage :)