Rotate 8.5x7 print (HP laserjet)

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    all...usually dont have this kinda trouble. My Igen runs fine...but im struggling with my itty-bitty HP laserjet 700. It's a MICR check printer, I do all our bank scan checks with it for approval, and occasionally small run production. I have a decent sized run coming up. its an 8.5wide x 7 tall form, offset has printed 2 up on an 18" sheet. dilemma:

    cannot run 18" so i want to cut it. normally would cut to 8.5x11 to fit printer, but this leaves me with a second process of cutting.

    id like to fully cut, and run as 8.5x7 stock....tested, and the printer accepts and runs fine. AND only runs with 7" as the x(feed) dimension. physical limitation.

    but, it REFUSES to print the image correctly. Comes out 90 and half cutoff. called it 7x8.5 or 8.5x7.... it flips to landscape, but that print is still cut off at 7"!

    I use GMC to produce the pdf's, no changes i make have made a difference.

    It will work, but any help would be swell!