Ricoh C7100 density/saturation issues

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    Mar 2018
    Printing business cards on 130# Cover weight (Classic Crest 130 DTC) and running into color density/saturation issues with the logo (See attached photos: left is the correctly printed image, right is what I am getting). The image prints fine on text weight media fine. But is very light and spotty with this cover media. Have already played with the AC texture mode voltages and gotten the toner coverage to not be as spotty. Messing with the paper and image transfer currents did not help. I am at a loss on what I can do fix the print other than abandon the paper and choose something else.
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    Transfer voltage would usually bring the density to where it needs to be - but since you tried that, let me ask what size the sheet is? Have you tried rotating the item so that particular graphic is off the lead edge? Also try gauging the paper caliper, if you're way beyond 16pt (and uncoated covers tend to mic super thick) it may too thick to transfer (or fuse) properly.
    My 100# Accent has a caliper of nearly 14pt. I imagine that 130 may be pushing 20pt.

    Digital manufacturers love to simply use GSM to gauge run-ability. But there are other factors that come into play...