Ricoh 171 problem after firmware upgrade

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    Nov 2017

    I have a Ricoh MP 171 SPF. I had a problem to scan to a folder on Windows 10. I get a firmware for my device from the internet. I updatem my device using SD card and one file using www.

    Now my device is starting normal, everything looks ok, i can log on to www interface but printer … can’t print (usb, ip) and scan buton doesn’t work … when i press scan the printer make a sound and nothing happend. On the www interface there are no setting for scaner.

    Firmware before update

    System/copy 1.01
    Network Suport 9.03
    Fax 01.00.00
    RemoteFax 02.00.00
    Network DocBox 1.01
    WebSupport 1.05
    WebUapl 1.04
    GWFCU3-17(WW) 03.00.00
    Engine 0.15:04

    Firmware after update

    System/Copy 1.01 D0675530C
    Network Support 9.07 D0675526F
    Fax 02.00.00 D0675528C
    RemoteFax 02.00.00 D0675524C
    Network DocBox 1.01 D0675525B
    Web Support 1.05 D0675527C
    Web Uapl 1.04 D0675529B
    GWFCU3-17(WW) 05.00.00 D0685570E
    Engine 0.15:04 D0675540B

    May I ask for help ?