Replacing laser diode with used one

Discussion in 'DI Presses' started by Richard_Hardin, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Richard_Hardin

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    Jul 2015
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    I am in the works of replacing a couple of laser diodes on our QMDI Pro. I am more or less winged it the last couple of times, but now that I replacing a couple more, what is the correct number to use as the new identification number for diode? It looks like it accepts a 3 digit code, but I'm not finding a definitive number from the diode. For used diodes, is there a starting number that i can use as a base number and then adjust the diode manually from there? Any help on this matter would be appreciated. diode.jpg
  2. Paul Cavanaugh

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    Dec 2009
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    Typically there was a label on the diode with a power value written on it when you bought a new one. The ones that came in the press did not have any values on them because they were set in the imaging head. It is really just a crapshoot where you start with the number. You can look at what the average is of the ones that are working in the imaging head and start with that as a value.

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