Registration and Duplex problems

Discussion in 'MGI Digital Presses' started by Haiko, Oct 3, 2016.

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    Jul 2010
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    Hi All, We have had a DP60 for many years now and have also grown with the machine too but as time passes she is getting more older and had mor problems. Presently we simply can not duplex any A4 jobs and the overall registration seems to shift a bit as the printing progresses. Apart from this we have now also noticed that the print is skew too - but not all the time. It seems that some of these issues are quite common on the KM 6500C machines - which in fact is the same as the DP60 engine...

    Anybody any help or suggestions. We have so far removed the ADU, cleaned it all out, removed the duplexer, opened and cleaned it out too, new page kits fitted etc etc...