Recommendations for printing on heat sensitive stock- Currently using Intec CP3000

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    Jul 2015
    I'm in need of some expert recommendations.

    I'm in need of a color printing solution for our customers. The underside of the card stock to be printed is covered with heat activated glue. I need recommendations on a quality printer that will print without activating the glue.

    After weeks of working with the folks at Ricoh they were unable to find a solution. However, upon a recommendation for the Intec CP3000 we've been testing it with great results. The problem is the cost. The facilities where the printing will take place do not do enough volume to justify the $6000 price of an Intec CP3000.

    Could the experts here recommend alternatives that might suit our need?

    I'm clearly not a printing expert but if someone could educate me on what I need to look for in a printer to work. Is it the fuser temperature that is causing the heat? Or, is it something else I should be looking for?