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    Oct 2013
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    I haven't been able to find this anywhere, so if someone has already asked this and a solution offered I apologize … For some reason (I am using an iGEN4 and FreeFlow print server) the last few days I have been having a weird fault- no fault code I can find though because this is not an actual printer fault… What happens is I start printing a job (both of these recent ones are variable data jobs made into PDFs) and one lift might complete but than another one faults out at page 127 or some random place. The only common thing is the printer queue I am using and the paper stock. One was a two sided job and the other one sided. It is a "job processing" fault and one remedy is to set the imposition to NONE. I cannot really do that on this job because I am taking a customer's 13x19 setup and printing on 13 x 20 so I have to use auto center…

    Anyone else have job processing faults that require resubmitting the jobs?
  2. Neess

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    job processing with auto center on VDP jobs failed for us aswell, i would recomend using imageshift to align pages instead.
  3. peels

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    I DO!...
    but ONLY have this with very large PDF files and auto center.. The annoying part is when it continues running, and completes the file after. and you dont know youre short until afterwards....have to go back.

    Postscript, no problems with this.

    try what @Neess says.

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