Raising ink/tone % for offset job

Discussion in '4-Color Offset Presses +' started by Adam Wentworth, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Adam Wentworth

    Adam Wentworth New Member

    Aug 2017

    I'm working on a CD/LP packaging job and just received this message from the printer:

    "Please Note: The textured background image being used on your digipak and insert has only 3% tone in its darkest areas. Offset printing plates cannot hold a consist tone below 5% for C-M-K and 10% for Y. As a result, your background texture may either blowout to white or have an inconsistent and speckled appearance on your final print."

    I've never run into this issue before, and as I admittedly don't do much print work these days, I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to correct this without changing the overall image that much.

    For context, the artwork is a charcoal illustration. It was done on paper stock with a nice tooth, and I'm trying to keep the texture of the paper visible as a BG for the entire piece. This texture is the issue in question, and it is quite subtle.

    Any advice on how to adjust the files to appropriate levels without completely crushing the main, much darker illustration would be wonderful. Thanks for your time.
  2. turbotom1052

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    Oct 2008
    retired to panama
    Im no pre press guy but doesn't your software allow for a localized bump in the highlight of each of the colors?

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