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Discussion in 'Digital Duplicators' started by khobo, Oct 27, 2016.

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    Oct 2016
    i just took the delve into duplicators and found a really good deal on an SD630. 300 masters around 100k prints -- practically brand new.

    I knew that the ink smudged but didn't realize just how much smudging would happen with a lot of ink coverage. I'm curious if there are alternatives to the UV ink/light setting process -- which is very scarce and hard to find for my model. I would need an SD25 attachment along with the appropriate inks. I found one guy selling expired red UV ink for 250 dollars. whaaaaaa? were the UV inks always that expensive? Anyways.. I'm wondering if there are alternatives to the UV ink -- such as some sort of set spray i can apply by hand?

    all ideas welcome.

    also, are there ways to switch out inks from other brands? i'm looking for yellow and pinks but again difficult and pricey. would be curious if i could find a newer model ink and somehow switch out the boxes.

    where do you guys buy your inks from?
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