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Discussion in 'DI Presses' started by camasprinter, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. camasprinter

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    Oct 2011
    WA, USA
    We had to reinstall our rip comp on a plus DI running Delta 7.5, were able to salvage data off old HD so that helped. We are up & running on the rip but the press & rip won't communicate with each other. Is there some setting that might have been missed that you might know of?
    We had a Heid tech rep help & was a good help with remote and we were able to salvage all of the data off the old HD so set up theoretically went smooth but now we can't send jobs.
    If we turn the press off we can see it go off & on on the network cards of rip comp and press so they are communicating. but it won't send jobs
    Not sure the printer is set up as we can normally send jobs thru the workflow or directly. neither work.
    If I try to set up the qmdi as a printer it isn't recognized over the network so something's up but we're scratching our heads. We think something is up with communicating, Another tech suggested starting the press up and watching the start up screen for a message and if we saw invalid drive specifications then there was an issue, that was the last message we saw on the start up screen.
    I'm thinking it's a simple setting to actually just get the printer recognized over the network but don't know ???
  2. Marc Bremer

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    Jan 2010
    The DI communicates over NETBUI protocol. On the rip you have to create a folder "OUTPUT\UNSKEWED" the output folder has to be shared with the name "BITMAP" and shared to everyone. NETBUI is not supported on newer OS like Vista and Windows 7
  3. JEH

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    Sep 2011
    Hi, I recently went through the same thing with a client's DI & Delta. There's a few pieces to the puzzle and Marc has provided some of them. Machine name must be QM_RIP1. You'll also need to configure Services for Macintosh to see the Print queues. You need to use the correct IP for the Press NIC it should be . Create a user called QM_PRESS1 with no password and make sure password never expires. Share the OUTPUT (BITMAP) folder to him. I would also put the RIP PC in the same Workgroup as the Press - QDM I think but you should be able to see this in network neighborhood if it's working properly.
    Good luck with it.
  4. ceuinc

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    Nov 2011
    You should consider another solution: there are few new RIP, which can run QMDI direct. One of them is S/W for PC, connected to the network and sends 1-Bit TIFFS to QMDI. It is less expensive package then from Presstek/Heidelberg or Harlequin. We installed few of them - one RIP runs two DI presses.

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